What is the Purest CBD Oil? (2018 test results)

After 3 sleepless nights, 23 brands and 17 careful tests we have finally have the results that you have been waiting for. Please note we are not associated with any CBD brand and we were not paid in any way.

So what is the purest CBD oil on the market today?

Here is our top 3:

Verified CBD

This is our clear favorite. Why? 100% pure formula, organic, contains no GMO’s. Tested at least 1.3 times better than the second place winner. Official web-store: https://verifiedcbd.com/

CBD Alive

CBD Alive did a good job at crafting their powerful and pure formulation. Better taste than Verified CBD but this is not what we came here for, right?

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is 90% pure according our tests. High quality formula, fully organic.

What are CBD oils

CBD oils are extracted from the plant Cannabis or also known as Marijuana, this plant is indigenous to Central and South Asia and has been around for millions of years. It has been used by ancient people as medicine and as a hallucinogen in their religious rituals. The cannabis sativa plant is grown because it has potent and sticky glands called trichomes which contain large amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, this is the psychoactive cannabinoid. There are two components of cannabis THC and CBD, THC is what causes the high feeling and CBD which researchers think modulates chemical and electrical activity to help calm the excessive brain activity. Higher CBD and lower THC is what seizure patients usually use.

When buying CBD oils, a buyer should know what exactly he or she is getting, is it oil that would give him a high or the oil that can ease his arthritis pain? Asking and knowing what you need is the best step to get the right products.

There are a lot of concerns when it comes to cannabis; it was once a legitimate drug prescribed by doctors and sold in pharmacies decades ago. That all changed when Federal Bureau of Narcotics Harry J. Anslinger campaigned heavily against it calling users as people who would abuse women and children. He portrayed the use of cannabis as unproductive and crazed. It took a lot of years, and still taking more, to prove that it can actually be used as a medicine.

Although cannabis is an indigenous plant from Asia, people around the world are growing it, from the American continent to Europe and beyond, although using it  is highly restricted.

What CBD oil can do for the health

A whole range of illnesses like cancer, multiple sclerosis, anorexia, illnesses which cause seizures, Parkinson’s, arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, epilepsy, eating disorders and more are seen to have to possibility to be, if not cured, eased by the intake of organic pure cbd oils. Due to strict government opposition and guidelines, studies on these are limited even though a lot of patients are clamoring for the chance to be treated by cannabis.

With the growing global awareness of alternative medicines or homeopathic health care, more and more people see CBD oil as a potentially safe treatment for their illnesses especially for cancer patients. Despite all of these, a state rejected the pleas of parents or children with autism to use CBD oil on their kids.

Benefits of CBD Oil

One of the benefits of natural pure clean cbd oils is the reduction of stress and anxiety. Stress is brought by unhealthy living, working too hard without resting properly, and bad environment. Chronic stress results in anxiety, the weakening of the immune system giving way to germs and bacteria harming the human body. People who are under stress should always be actively looking for ways to unwind or de-stress. The purest cbd oils have the power to release what’s called happy hormones to relax the body and the mind. This reduces stress and generally calms the body.  Cannabinoids, a component of cannabis is responsible for this; it triggers certain receptors in the body in order to produce these effects in the nervous and immune system.

Research at the University of Haifa in Israel found that treating people who have undergone the traumatic experience with cannabinoid yielded good results and had prevented lasting harm brought on by stress. CBD oil works very well with people who have trouble sleeping, people who suffer from insomnia. A scientific review published in 2015 show that cbd oil’s calming properties help people sleep better, easing anxiety and restlessness. It was particularly effective when used on military soldiers and veterans suffering from PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder.

By using cannabinoid treatment, soldiers described how their anxiety have lessened, they were able to sleep better and their coping ability improved. Even those with a more severe form of PTSD reported increased coping ability.

It has also been used by survivors of the Holocaust to relieve themselves of stress and the pain of remembering. They reported a general increase in vitality, sleep improvement, and a decrease in chronic pain.

Another benefit would be for people suffering from eating disorders or those who want to gain weight due to an illness or maybe after an injury, natural 100% pure cbd oil helps regulate and stimulate the appetite since the pure oil can bring on hunger and excite the digestive system. Cannabis helps with the release of hormones that promote hunger; the brain neurons can expel hormones that can stimulate the appetite and can also expel hormones that release hormones that suppress hunger.

So, depending on which hormone is released cbd oil can either stimulate the appetite of suppressing it, pure oil helps people with eating disorders and can be a way to treat obesity as well. More research is being done to determine the efficiency of this treatment for people with eating problems.

Studies also show that CBD oil helps naturally treat eye diseases that are caused by the degeneration of the macula lutea cells in the eyes, this degeneration usually results to blurred vision and eventually loss of sight. It can also be used to treat patients who have glaucoma since cannabis has been shown to lower IOP. Though patients would have to ingest cannabis quite frequently.

Another benefit of using oil from cbd (pure) is its ability to reduce pain. Ever since it was first discovered, cannabis have been used as a pain reliever as it inhibits the transmission of pain in the nerves. Pure oil can relieve pain and even inflammation, this is the reason why patients who have cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy chooses to use cbd oil to relieve them of their pain. Studies suggest that cannabis oil have been extremely helpful for people suffering from chronic pain. With the use of natural 100% pure cbd oil pain was reduced and sleep was improved.

A study conducted by the University of Nottingham suggests that cannabinoids from cannabis can relax and widen blood vessels making it ideal for lowering blood pressure and the improvement of circulation. The antioxidants in the purest cbd oil have heart benefits thus preventing disease in the cardiovascular system. Studies also shows that cannabis have the ability to prevent hypertension, stroke and even heart attacks. But more research and study have to be done to make sure that this method is safe for patients.

The application of CBD oil on skin can also help in getting rid of dead skin cells and acne. Cannabinoids promote lipid production that helps people with dry skin. The antioxidant properties of cbd oil helps inhibit the damage the free radicals bring like dark spots and wrinkles.

Science is still divided on the subject of cbd oil as a cancer treatment as well as an option in cancer prevention. Studies has shown that cannabis have helped in decreasing tumor size, helping with pain management and increasing appetite. Studies show that cannabis have anti-cancer properties and that cannabinoid therapy have no side effects on cancer patients and only increased patient energy or vitality. A woman suffering from a tumor in her chest have used cbd oil and other homeopathic ways to reduce the size of her tumor. Doctors were surprised with the speed of the tumor decreasing but not at all surprised to learn that she used cbd oil.

CBD oil news around the world

In Australia, cannabis oil has been approved to be used on patients suffering from muscle spasms, severe epileptic seizures, severe pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment. Although it is not allowed to grow cannabis plants in homes it is a step towards helping patients with illnesses that can be eased by the use of cannabis.

In Mexico, the country’s Supreme Court has ruled to allow the growing of cannabis for recreational use. This landmark decision sparked hope among supporters that one day the use of the plant can be legalized one day. This decision also surprised people around the world, as Mexico long denied the liberalization of drug laws. Supporters rejoiced as they’ve seen how Mexico’s drug policy only encouraged and help traffickers gain a foothold in the country. Instead of curbing drug related crimes in only increased it.

In the UK, CCCs or Cannabis Compassion Clubs are on the rise, these are local communities that give out cannabis for free for as medicine to people in need, especially to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. These communities also helped change the view of people about cannabis, from being compared to debilitating drugs like cocaine or meth to a medical option for really sink people.

These CCCs also help families find a reliable place to get cannabis for their ailing family members, preventing scams and similar crimes from happening. The number of scammers are increasing with the lack of proper legal dispensaries.

How CBD oil is extracted

When buying, one has to know whether he or she is buying organic pure cbd oils. Some extraction techniques use high temperature to extract the oil in cannabis, some also use solvents which are toxic and dangerous and does not fully extract the nutrients in the oil. The bad thing is that some of these techniques can’t properly separate the components of the oil making the end product unclean or impure.

Another method is to use alcohol to extract the oil, this imposes a lot of danger because the alcohol can make things flammable. A lot of fire has been reported to be caused by homemade alcohol extraction techniques. A buyer should look for cbd oils that are not synthetic or oils added with other oils, in other words unclean cbd oil.

People who use cbd oil usually ingest it using an oral syringe sometimes adding it with honey or other food to mask or improve the flavor. The dose usually depends on the illness of the person, how severe it is, and the tolerance of the person, most start with a small amount and then gradually increase it.

A buyer should look for reputable stores or companies that sells pure oil and be discerning when it comes to buying online. If you don’t live near a dispensary it’s better to look online or find contacts that can connect you to trusted stores or manufacturers. Don’t fall prey to scammers, scrutinize, ask questions and always look for other stores to buy from. Sometimes low product prices will not always mean that they are selling quality products, some are just selling bad products that they try to pass off as legitimate ones. It is much better to go through safe means of obtaining cbd oil, if you live in the United Kingdom or in Canada you should search for CCCs that can help you find what you’re looking for.

As always when in comes to medicine or health products you should research and decide if the product is for you.

The Benefits of Purest CBD Oils

The use of medical marijuana has always been an issue. There are many medical benefits from the use of marijuana. It is a natural source of relief for any type of diseases. However, the use of marijuana causes many problems. It has many bad side effects that are not good for the body. Users of many can experience the feeling of being high and they can also be addicted to using it. This effect is because of the THC content of marijuana. An alternative to the use of THC is the CBD which can be found on purest cbd oils.

Cannabidiol or simply known as the CBD is the major psychoactive component that can be found in Cannabis. It is better than THC since it does not show the negative side effects of THC. CBD is found in the purest cbd products. These were extracted from the hemp plants. CBD can also be found on marijuana plants, but the hemp plants are the best source of it. It is because the pure oil from the hemp plants contains a high concentration of CBD. There will be only trace amounts of THC that can be found from these plants.

Organic pure cbd oils are allowed in a certain area only. These are available in over forty countries around the world. There were still places that do not legalize them because of marijuana. Little did they know that are many possibilities that CBD can do.

Benefits of CBD

There were many benefits from the use of CBD. CBD which can be mostly found on natural 100% pure cbd oil have benefits that were proven by certain studies. These are the following:

CBD can be used to relieve pain and inflammation. This was the main benefits that why there are many users of 100% pure cannabinoid oil. It is useful in modulating the pain by inhibiting the neurotransmission in the pain pathways.

The oil from cbd (pure) can be used in reducing anxiety. Studies show that CBD would have an anxiolytic-like effect. Anxiolytic are drugs that were used to reduce anxiety.

It can also help in fighting cancer. Pure CBD present in no additives cbd oil have effects that are inhibiting the cell migration, adhesion, and invasion. In this way, the spread of cancer can be prevented.

CBD can also affect the person’s appetite. Studies show that CBD is helping in getting rid of nausea.

It may also be a potential cure for neurological diseases. It can be a possible cue or relieve epilepsy because it helps in reducing the intensity and frequency of unpredicted seizures experienced by the epileptic patient.

It can also help in lowering the incidence of diabetes. It has an impact on the glucose and insulin of the person.

What are the forms of CBD available?

There were many forms of CBD that can be used. It can be oils, tinctures, capsules and many more. But the most used are the clean cbd oil vape because it gives the benefits faster.

Because of these benefits, CBD has a promising role in the medical community. That is why there are movements that aimed to legalized natural pure clean CBD oils in other places.

Use 100% Pure Cannabinoid Oil

Cannabinoid oil is one of the popular products today that is known as the best treatment for a wide variety of illness. As a matter of fact, a lot of people today turn to CBD as alternative medicine as they claimed that it works well and efficiently. However, there are many suppliers today that allegedly selling the purest CBD oil. But what makes you certain that you are getting the right one?

Natural pure clean CBD oils are sometimes hard to determine most likely for the new buyer or users. Because if you notice all of it claimed as original or pure but you cannot assure of its authenticity. Hence, read this post that helps you sourcing the purest CBD oil in the market. Keep in mind the following facts that tell you how to buy pure oil.

The Price

Usually, people often look for the cheapest product when shopping but little did they know that the lower cost usually produces the low quality of items or products. Oil from CBD is extracted from the finish seeds, it is manufactured utilizing best equipment and ingredients that make the product a bit pricey. If you found one that is too cheap, then be cautious.

Check for Non-Psychoactive Product

Oil from CBD comes in a wide variety of items, there are items that have a high THC content but some are derived from the right amount of it or clinically tested. To be able to find the purest CBD oil, look for its label, read the description that reveals the non-psychoactive goods.

Inspect the Ingredients

As you inspected the label, see for its Ingredients, try to understand every content or better yet research for details that implies the CBD content. Organic pure CBD oils should be included in the list.

Clinically Tested

In some cases, manufacturers often report product test results, look for this information like the concentration percentage and other cannabinoid content. Try to choose one with unbiased third-party laboratory results.

Reliable Source

You should know that there are many companies today that claiming that sells natural 100% pure CBD oil. You can look at the company’s history that tells how they produce the item, try to find its websites that tells more of its company’s overview or you can search for the firm’s feedbacks by reading reviews and comments from its client. See to it that you are getting one from a reliable source that has a history or related to health and wellness.

Finally, 100% pure cannabinoid oil is just around the corner, if you are one of the potential buyers, constant reading is the key to determining the purest CBD. If you look for the right products then remember the above-mentioned tips, these pointers will help you navigate the developing CBD oil market. Do not jump into the cheapest product or something that offers a lot but with less of proof. Always choose 100% pure cannabinoid oil.


The Purest Cbd Oil

Cannabidiol is commonly known as cbd to many that use it. The cbd oil is found in the plant called the cannabinoids. The purest cbd oil has positive health benefits to an individual. It has been known for helping people who experience excess vomiting and nausea as they are undergoing their chemotherapy sessions. The purest cbd oil can suppress the occurrence of seizure that some people get regularly. They can be subscribed by a physician in case you have doubts about when and how to use it.

Benefits of 100% Pure Cannabinoid Oil Pain relief: organic pure cbd oil can be used as a pain reliever. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The pain could be as a result of the cut of disease, and therefore it reduces the pain felt by an individual.

  1. Managing seizures: There has been a drastic increase in the use of the natural 100% pure cbd oil in the recent past. People have realized its medicinal value and therefore resorting to it. It is known for managing seizures especially to those that experience it regularly.
  2. It inhibits the growth and spread of cancer: Oil from CBD (pure) is connected to the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer and its spreading too.
  3. Reducing Insomnia: Any user of the no additive cbd oil can attest to this. The purest cbdoils have an incredible impact on the sleep. At times when stressed it becomes hard to sleep, but with the use of the pure cbd oil one can have a sound sleep. Experiencing insomnia reduces one’s ability to stay alert, but with the use of cbd oil, this is prevented.
  4. Mood equalizer: it is sometimes hard to remain in the same good mood when going through difficult times or when facing challenges. It is during this time that one can comfortably use the cbd oil to maintain the calmness. The cbd oil acts as an anti-depressant to give you a relaxed feeling.
  5. Skincare: The natural pure, clean cbd oils can be used to enhance the skin appearance. Everyone wants to look younger by using substances or beauty products that make them look younger. The natural pure, clean cbd oil can achieve this to increase the self-esteem of the user.

Making of the Cbd Oil

Since the cbd oil is an extract of the cannabinoids means that it can be prepared in different forms just to serve different functions. The level of concentrations also vary to ensure that the exact function is meant for is achieved. For one to know which is the right measurement for their use should seek a physician advice so as not to overdose.

The benefits derived cannot all be listed here, but these are just some of them that might interest you to know. It is relevant that people make good use of no additives cbd oils especially to those who have problems that could be fixed by the use of the cbd oil. Try it and thank me later


Basic Consumer’s Guide to Natural 100% Pure CBD Oil

When it comes to medicine and natural supplements like clean CBD oil vape, it is only natural to purchase only the best and purest CBD oils being offered in the market. With so many products claiming to be pure oil, consumers would need a guide in order to buy only the purest CBD product that their preferred seller has to offer. Here’s how you can guarantee that you are indeed purchasing a 100% pure cannabinoid oil for medical purposes.

Have some basic understanding of its extraction process

As cliché as it may sound, but not all oil from CBD (pure) are created equal. The secret lies on the oil source and how it is extracted. As a rule, majority of consumers avoid purchasingorganic pure CBD oils with high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content (i.e. marijuana oil). This is because THC is considered to the chemical compound that is mostly responsible for making marijuana users “high”. Thus, any cannabis-related product that contains THC is deemed illegal in the US, although there are current legislations that legalizes the use and purchase of marijuana oil at a certain degree, being applied within some states.

On the other side of the marijuana plant spectrum, natural 100% pure CBD oil extracted from plants with low THC concentrations are commonly referred to as hemp oil. Because of its low THC levels (around 0.3%), hemp oils are considered safe and legal to use and purchase in all states. However, some patients consider natural pure clean CBD oils to be less potent than marijuana oils. Though there is some truth in that theory, most patients who are seeking relief from various medical conditions have discovered that using no-additives CBD oil is more than enough to treat and manage their respective diseases.

In addition to the source, you also need to pay attention on the solvents used to do the extraction. Normally such things are declared on the product’s label or box. As a rule of thumb, you need to avoid oils that used volatile solvents (i.e. ethanol or butanol) to extract CBD since both solvents reduce the CBD amount in oils. The most acceptable way of is to do CO2extraction as it maintains the purity of the oil.

Last, but not the least, there are some sellers who market hemp seed oil to have the same effect as hemp oil. While the two share common words in its name and are basically extracted from the same plant species, oil from hemp seed do not contain either THC or CBD, but rather they are full of Omega Fatty acids. Despite the fact that hemp seed oil is healthy, it will not be useful as a pain or anxiety reliever. The best that it can do is give you some residual placebo effect but would ultimately prove to be ineffective to treat medical conditions.

Read the label

Though each type of cannabis-related oil has its own health benefits and risks, most misunderstanding come from not reading the product label before purchasing the oil. Though some vendors will aim to deceive, a good look at the product’s label will soon inform the consumer of what exactly does she need to know, including dosage and way of application.

By learning how to read the label, you’ll reduce the chance of the misusing and can gain fantastic pieces of learnings by paying attention to the CBD oil label.


How to Get the Purest Cannabidiol

Nowadays, there are several states in the U.S that are legalizing the use of Cannabis or Cannabidiol for medical treatment purposes. People are starting to learn more about the benefits and uses of this extraordinary oil thus, the market for hemp-derived products is expected to increase.

Cannabidiol or Cannabis Oil derived from marijuana has been proven to have a lot of health benefits. Its ongoing popularity drives the desire and opens the opportunity for businessmen to offer it in public. However, not all who offers CBD oil are legit. Some companies would definitely get customers with their very inviting advertisement and people might feel overwhelmed not knowing that they are just being deceived. Now, how can we be so sure that we are not being scammed when we buy a CBD oil?

Guide to a Pure CBD

It is very important that people are guided on how to trace a real Cannabidiol (CBD). People may search for a hemp shop in theirlocal area or try it at an online shop that sells the hemp oil.No matter how they will purchase it, the veryimportant thing to do before buying any Cannabidiol product is to do research to be sure that you are getting the right and real one. Here are some guidelines when buying a CBD oil.

  1. Always look for quality and don’t be deceived by low prices. There are lots of products that are only one click away. People may obviously be tempted by purchasing the most affordable CBD oil they will find online or at the store but always be reminded that cheaper brand doesn’t mean it isbetter. To be sure that you are tracking down a safe, true, and effective product, you should always look for quality and not the low price of it. The quality can be figured out by its concentration. TheCannabidiol with higher the concentration would definitely have a more powerful its effect, making it a wiser investment.
  2. Watch out for products claimingthat it cantreat everything. If you are buying CBD oil online, you should take noteofthe real properties and benefits of cannabinoids. Hemp seed oil and Hemp CBD oil are two different products, and neither of them is “medical marijuana”. They maybehave beneficial properties but they are completely dissimilar.There are people who aren’t knowledgeable about CBD oil that may be deceived, due to their desperation on finding a remedy for their treatment they end up with the wrong and unreliable product.
  3. Your oil should be non-psychoactive. Some of the hemp and marijuana products that are offeredonline and on the market contain psychoactive compounds. Cannabidiol is scientifically proven to be anti-psychoactive.Accordingly, it’s important to check the label prior purchasing a CBD oil and only select products that have no psychoactive effects.

There is no risk of getting “high” effect as long as you stick with non-psychoactive products. But then again, alwayslook out of low-cost products. Producing a correct CBD oil that retains beneficial components from hemp requires a certain technology, and this technology isn’t cheap and may require exorbitant apparatuses.

In accordance in with new or alternative treatment option, before using CBD oil it is always advisable that every patient should discuss and seek approval from a qualified healthcare practitioner.