Getting the Purest of CBD Oils Online 101

Why is it that pot can get you arrested (since it’s classified as a Schedule I Drug) but hemp oil doesn’t (even when you acquire the purest CBD oils) even though hemp is also derived from the marijuana plant and its oil full of CBD has similar effects to medical marijuana (particularly the strains that provide anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects)? That’s because for some reason, hemp isn’t considered a drug and oils derived from it is classified not as cannabis but as a dietary nutrient. So the purest cbd is akin to those vitamin supplements and diet pills that come with the disclaimer that they have no proven therapeutic claims.

No Proven Therapeutic Claims

  • Why Not Just Get Medical Marijuana? Some skeptics when it comes to the pain-relieving and anxiety-lowering effects of pure oil of hemp are quick to point out that they’re no better than “natural”, “organic”, or “holistic” vitamin supplements used for dieting, exercising, getting muscles, losing fat, or making your erection last longer.


However, on the same token, even though the FDA considers hemp oil and those other “snake oil” supplements as non-therapeutic, they’re also quick to warn people with certain conditions of mixing supplements with their medication (drug interaction). They do have an effect just not as concentrated as actual medicine (which also means fewer issues with overdose and side effects).

  • It Does Work and It’s Illegal in Most States: The thing about organic pure cbd oils (and there’s that buzzword “organic” again) is that while it’s derived from hemp and it’s probably not as potent as outright cannabis hash oil from a Diesel or a Skunk (these are strains of marijuana, by the way), it’s potent enough for many a sufferer of severe aches and intolerable pain as well as anxiety sufferers.

The beauty of these natural 100% pure cbd oil products is that they cost less than cannabis oil for the most part and you won’t get arrested by officers for buying the oil. You don’t need a prescription from your doctor to get them. You don’t need your state to allow medical marijuana distribution by their local laws. They’re as accessible to you as vitamins (or at least they’re marketed that way).

  • What to Look for in Hemp Oil: You should look for concentrated 100% hemp oil in order to get the full medical marijuana experience just short of buying pot hash or cannabis seeds for growth at your backyard. A 100% pure cannabinoid oil is as close as you can get to smoking a joint and getting that soothing feeling of relaxation or lowering down any swelling problems you might have. Depending on the strain of the oil from cbd (pure), you can even get additional pleasant Sativa and Indica effects from the oil.

On top of that, make sure you’re getting a no additives cbd oil product. You want only chemicals and agents from the hemp plant itself. You don’t want to get poisoned by additives. Even better, order a clean cbd oil vape or natural pure clean cbd oils made particularly for consumption with a vape and its fuel cartridge. This way, you’re assured of a potent and stony smoke from your e-cig that won’t leave residue all over it after your smoking session is done.